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Channel 3 is a social network for people who love video games, founded upon the belief that gaming should be the most accessible, inclusive, and social form of entertainment.

We spotlight gaming CONTENT made by gamers for gamers. RATE your favorite games to personalize the platform, SQUAD UP with gaming clubs, and PLAY in events, quests, and minigames for gamers of all skill levels. Channel 3 centralizes your gamer PERSONA, collecting all your gamertags, socials, stats, and ranks all in one place. Oh and all of it is GAMIFIED.

Ready up.

Whether it's memes, clips, or bragging about your first victory royale, gaming content is what we're here for. Gaming content gets higher engagement rates here than on other platforms. Makes sense, Channel 3 is MADE FOR GAMERS.
Right now this is true small scale. Hopefully this will be true on larger scales soon!

What are your favorite games of all time? How about least favorite? The more games you rate, the more personalized Channel 3 becomes. You can even rate systems and make lists.
League of Legends

You may have friends here already, or you may meet your next lifelong squadmate here. Either way, Channel 3 is most fun when you find your people and can have friendly competitions and participate in challenges together.
Mario Athletic Club
This group is founded in affiliation with The Dad Gaming's Mario Golf Group (NOT limited to Dads) to house all sorts of Mario and Nintendo Sporting Events.

Jump in a virtual or IRL event, tournament, or league. Participate in a Quest (a gaming challenge that you can do any time). Channel 3 has something for all skill levels, including gaming-focused daily minigames.
What game have you logged the most hours on?
What game have you logged the most hours on? How many hours was it? Thanks @blockmamba24 for the suggestion!

Get your Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Discord, Steam, etc gamertags all in one spot, right alongside your socials, game stats, and ranks.
Designer, Developer, Founder of Channel 3

GAMIFY everything
Whether it's 1 to 2, or 99 to 100, leveling up is the best feeling in the world. On Channel 3, when you participate in quests, when your post gets 1Up'd, when you crush a daily minigame, you get XP. Get 1k XP, and you level up and unlock rewards. Rewards can be custom reaction GIFs, cool backgrounds, or prize wheel spins for IRL gaming gear or in game currency.

Channel 3 is founded by Joel Willis. Joel worked for 12+ years leading data science tech programs (GE Aviation and 84.51). He then created The Dad, a digital media brand. As Editor in Chief, he grew The Dad from 0 followers to 15m+, with branded content sponsorships from Kroger, Charbroil, Netflix, and more. He created The Dad Gaming, a family-friendly esports empire for dads and families. The Dad Gaming was sponsored by Planters. Channel 3 now powers The Dad Gaming and many communities like it. Joel codes Channel 3 himself.

Channel 3 launched in alpha state on July 1, 2022. It is currently self-funded and self-developed.

Channel 3 is proud to be part of Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati-based tech startup incubator.

For partnership inquiries, interviews, or other requests, reach out to Joel directly at

Channel 3 is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.