Starting a gaming club or esports team?

Channel 3 is optimized for...

  • Esports teams and organizations
  • Gaming clubs and leagues
  • Affinity and identity-based gaming groups
  • Youth development programs
  • Facebook groups who are sick of Facebook
  • Discord servers that want more than chat


  • Run events
    • brackets
    • free for all rounds
    • swiss rounds
    • skill based team building
  • Post content
  • Leaderboards
  • Real time chat
  • Quests (challenges)
  • link to traditional socials
  • direct embed streams, clips, posts from other socials
  • short link web page
  • Premium
    • Get club merch made
    • Put unlockable items in the prize counter for members of your club (GIFs, backgrounds, wallpapers, avatar motion, taglines, more...)
    • White label solution... Have your own virtual custom instance of Channel 3 with your branding, domain name, etc.


  • The Dad Gaming
  • Cincinnati Esports Saturdays

Channel 3 has 108 Clubs, with more created daily. When your club is on Channel 3, you can tap into that network to grow your membership and land sponsorships.