G.O.A.T. games only! Your favorite games, ever.
These are the games you currently have in your rotation.
You did it. You beat the final boss. These are the games you have finished.
Never heard of it
You have no opinion of games on this list, because you know literally nothing about them. Adding games to this list may prevent them from showing up in certain places on Channel 3.
Not interested
Games you've never played and don't think you ever will. Adding games to this list may prevent them from showing up in certain places on Channel 3.
These games may not be out yet, but the release date is on your calendar in Sharpie, and you'll be one of the first gamers to fire em up.
Mt. Rushmore
These are your top 4 games of all time. No more, no less.
You've heard of the game. Perhaps you don't know a ton about it just yet, but if it fell in your lap, you may give it a shot.
A little different from your Favorites, these are the games you'd tell a friend to check out. Maybe they're underrated, maybe they're cult classics, but these are the ones you're always mentioning to people.
Backlog (want to play)
Air your dirty laundry here. What has gone into your backlog??
Your LEAST favorite games of all time. In your opinion, these are the worst games ever made.
Kid Recommendations
E for everyone, these are the games you'd recommend to parents of young kids. Kids will love em, so will adults.
Multiple Purchases
What games have you bought multiple times? Whether across system generations, upgraded versions, broken copies, digital and physical, multiple family members, whatever. List them! Inspired by @connerf
Best Games of 2022
What are your games of the year?
2023 Games Beaten
A list for games that you beat in 2023.
Not currently playing, and don't plan to come back to it... You stopped playing it because it was too hard, not enjoyable, too long, life happened…
Just One More...
Coined by @joob this list is for the games where you lie to yourself and say that you're going to play just one more...
Top Sports Games
List your top sports games. Any sport.
2023 Games Started
A list for games that you started playing in 2023.
List your favorite gaming soundtracks.
This is a list of games you've played before and will be playing again. Inspired by @alden.
Favorite Games for Portable Systems
What are your favorite games for mobile consoles through the years?
Toilet Games
Not the games you would flush, but the games when you flush. They do not need to be exclusively played on the toilet though.
What are your favorite game sequels?
Own It
A list of games that you currently own.
Top 10 Mario Games
Rank and order your top 10 Mario games
Past Pre-Orders
What games have you pre-ordered in the past?
Tiers of the Kingdom: The Legend of Zelda Top 10
Rank your top 10 (and only 10) games from The Legend of Zelda Franchise (I flat out stole the name from Get Played, it was stupidly brilliant)
Because of the Cr3w
A list of games you tried as a direct result of someone from the Cr3w here at C3 recommending it.
Maybe Someday
List the games that you missed out on during their first pass that you hope to get a shot at someday. Maybe an upgrade, remaster, re-release, retro - whatever. You didn't get to play it but you hope to someday.
In Your Dreams
Games that literally end up in your dreams. Either you end up playing them in your dreams or in the game in your dreams.
Top 10: Platformers
Shout out to @froggy for the suggestion that we run top 10 ranking lists! Rank up to 10 of your favorite platfformer games Be sure to put them in order!
Games you have fully, 100% completed. No stone unturned.
What are your 3? (FOR PODCAST GUESTS ONLY)
Would love each person who appears on the podcast to complete this list AFTER their episode airs, listing the 3 games mentioned (plus honorable mentions) in order. Will be fun to see the most listed games! (AGAIN: Do NOT fill out this list unless you've been on the What are your 3? podcast)
Party Games for Channel 3
Drop your recommendations for future group party games for Channel 3!
Top 10 First Person Shooters
Rank your 10 favorite games that fall into the first person shooter category. Only up to 10!
Channel 3 Made Me Do It
Separate from games that Cr3w recommended, these are games that you only tried for the first time and/or continued to play thereafter because of C3 activities. Not "I tried it before and tried again now," but truly tried for the first time.
Co-op Recommendations
Recommend your favorite cooperative games here!
Currently Pre-ordered
What games do you currently have pre-ordered? Inspired by @thebrute07
Challenge Games
These games should be considered for future challenges on
Top 10: Racing
Rank your top 10 racing games of all time
Best of 2023
List/rank your favorite games of 2023, released in 2023.
Games that you walked away from and you decided to come back to, but you had not played in so long you had to restart it.
Next Up
We all know that the backlog is a barren wasteland from which games never return. This is your on-deck checklist for games that you actually will be playing next. This list isn't a graveyard, it's a reservation.
Top 10: RPG
As of 2022 the favorite genre for the Cr3w is Role Playing. Rank up to ten of your favorite RPGs on this list.
Top 10: Mobile Games
Rank your top 10 mobile games
Sold It
A list of games that you sold off that you no longer have.
Top 10: Collect-a-Thon
List and rank up to 10 of your favorite games that you could call a "collect-a-thon." These may be genre-bending and cross into other groups, but these are games where there is an overarching "gotta catch 'em all" vibe to these games. List those games that you need to collect in.
Top 10 Metroidvanias
Metroidvania is a sub-genre of action-adventure games and/or platformers focused on guided non-linearity and utility-gated exploration and progression. The term is a portmanteau of the names of the video game series Metroid and Castlevania.
Free to Play
List your opinions on the best free-to-play games on the market.
Top 10 Game Boy Games
List and rank your top 10 games for Game Boy only. No colors here. Nothing advanced about it. Just 10 monochrome games!
Top 10: Action/Adventure
Rank your top 10 games in the action/adventure genre
Top 10 Atari
List and rank your top 10 games for the Atari family. This ranges from the 2600 to the 7800.
Top 10 Hardest Games
Rank your top ten hardest games. Ten and only ten!
Top 10 Fighting Games
List and rank your top ten (and only ten) fighting games.
Under-rated Games
This isn't for the big popular ones. This is for the obscure, the unpopular, the diamonds in the rough.
Top 10 Xbox Games
Rank your top 10 games (and only 10!) for the original Xbox.
Favorite Kart courses (pending)
These are the Mario Kart 8 courses that you love to choose.