Want to reach people who love video games?

Channel 3 is optimized for...

  • Video game peripheral brands
  • Video game lifestyle brands
  • CPGs wanting to appeal to the gamer demographic
  • Any advertiser sick of the toxicity and inauthenticity of traditional social platforms and targeted advertising


  • Brand safety. The most welcoming, inclusive, positive gaming community you will find.
  • Genuine, authentic interaction: strict bot policies
  • Sponsor the gamers, clubs, affinity groups, demos you are interested in reaching. Moms, Dads, Service Members, geographic areas, etc.
  • Support gamers. All sponsorships have generous rev share with users being sponsored.
  • Support causes. Philanthropy is so important to us. Your sponsorship can be tied to raising money for a particular cause.
  • Impressions and engagement analytics
  • Creative placement:
    • Custom co-branded content
    • Posts
    • Platform banners
    • Platform sidebars
    • Co-created digital assets
    • Stream interstitials
    • Brand sponsored giveaways
    • Direct notifications
    • Podcast reads
    • Video pre-roll, post-roll

If you want to reach gamers in an authentic way, Channel 3 is optimal.