Are you an aspiring influencer or content creator?

Channel 3 is optimized for...

  • Brand new AND established streamers
  • TikTokers, YouTubers, Instagrammers
  • Gaming meme makers
  • Creators of tutorials, walk throughs, explainers
  • Video game journalists
  • Video game critics and connoisseurs
  • Artists, creatives, musicians who love video games


  • Native video clips
  • Memes
  • Game ratings and reviews
  • Game lists
  • Super Posts (long form articles, listicles, features, essays)
  • direct embed streams, clips, posts from other socials
  • short link web page
  • Streamers
    • Not sure what to stream? Pick one of the 1000s of quests, and complete it on stream.
    • Turbo: Automatically detects when you are live and puts you at the top of the feed, FOR EVERYONE
    • Want to be Twitch affiliate? We will make it happen. Go Turbo, if you are not affiliate within 3 months, get your money back. (As long as you do the required amount of streams. Thatís on you.)