Want to get your game in the hands of people who love video games?

Channel 3 is optimized for...

  • Indie game developers/publishers
  • Mid-size to AAA game developers/publishers
  • Mobile game developers/publishers


  • Create Quests (challenges) for your game with XP tied to them
  • Events for your game
  • Channel 3 Championship Series
  • Create digital assets for your game that users unlock: reaction gifs, backgrounds, wallpapers, avatar motion, taglines, more)
  • Stat support, manual or API driven
  • Ranks (if applicable)
  • Game specific leaderboards
  • Be featured on the Podcast
  • Game download codes can be unlockable in the prize counter
  • Original merch designs, distribution, and fulfillment on shop.channel3.gg


  • Coffee Golf
  • Popcorn Rocket

Channel 3 is platform agnostic. Our users are on console, PC, mobile, and everything in between. Most of all, Channel 3 users love video games of all types. We'd love to create a campaign for your game.