TDG Rocket League Week 248
07/02/2024 08:40 PM EST
Pixel Perfect Parenting
42 going, 2 maybe, 5 no
The Dad Gaming - Rocket League 3v3 Tournament. Be sure to RSVP.

At 8:40pm EST on Tuesday, there will be a big blue CHECK IN button here. You'll need to check in to be placed on a team. Garrett will form the teams at 9pm EST live on Twitch. Fired up for this!
How to join
Check in at event start. After check ins close, balanced teams will be formed based on MMR. You will then be notified of your team assignment and can party up with your teammates and join them in Discord voice chat. If you plan on playing in these events please make sure you fill in your MMR stats and have a working RL Tracker. Your stats can be filled in under the "you" tab.
  • Teams of 3
  • SAME teams each round
  • 5 Rounds