Elden Ring

"This game I find something genuinely special, it really is a game that comes down to, trial and attempt. This game can let you tackle any challenge the way you'd enjoy playing, all it is how much will you put into outside stuff to advance your character and there is a lot. For anyone who wants a challenge or is simply a fan of the series I strongly recommend this game for this game has so much to offer, and the freedom if something is too challenging to go and advance somewhere else before coming back. A game that's not purely based on your skill, a game that rewards you for doing more."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

"The way I feel about this game makes me wanna say, "I hate this game", or "Game bad" but I do love this game through and through. It has allowed me to meet communities, and play a game with friends that anyone could enjoy. This game lets you have a great time with friends or make them rage cause they can't stand your character (@seth :3) Almost every character is viable if someone enjoys them, and if you're someone who wants competition there is always that too even after all that the game has still more to offer, from a decent 'story mode' to some fun minigames to try here and there. I truly believe that if you want to have some fun with a huge, or even small group give this game a try, it lets you play however you want, to whatever fits your playstyle. So glad I came to this franchise all the way back in Brawl. 5 out of 5, would always recommend as a group game."