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Favorite starter Pokémon

Inspired by @gongshowdad List your favorite starter Pokémon from any generation. Be sure to include a picture or video and why!

Surprised I haven't answered this yet. Fire starters and me go together like ....well let's just say we go well together.
Gotta be Turtwig. He evolves into Torterra, who can learn earthquake to protect himself from fire Pokemon... C'mon! Also, everyone already said Squirtle 😂
Totodile. His final evolution was bad ass!
For the longest time it was charmander, however, over the years I really grew to jive more with Squirtle and it's evolutions. #squirtlesquadforlife
I was a fan of the show as a kid and the only game I've owned from the series was Pokémon Yellow.
After watching Pokémon XYZ with the kids, Froakie’s evolution to Frogadier/Greninja is probably my favorite line of evolution of all Pokémon.

BTW, Pokémon XYZ is probably one of the best Pokémon series besides the original
Squirtle! My brother got first choice with Charmander in Pokemon Red, so I had to go with Squirtle in Pokemon Blue.
No explanation needed. Give me a hard question…
Scorbunny! I don't think they are the best starter but I loved the evolution of this Pokemon.
Only played the first one, and I was obsessed with pokemon cards, with Charizard being the most valuable back in the day
Pokémon #1 in our hearts and our Pokédex
It’s gotta be Oshawott for me cuz who doesn’t love a cute little otter?
Chimchar from Gen 4 is my favorite little fighting type fire monkey.
Pikachu! I got a Game Boy Color + Pokemon Yellow for my 10th or 11th birthday & I'm loyal to the first (which .. I had no choice over, but still! haha)
Charmander. Keeping it old-school. Recently started an new game on an OG Red cart, and would never pick a different starter. Brock and Misty be damned.
Cute crocodile that learns how to kill everything in its path
I have almost always picked grass starters. So that puts Bulbasaur to the front of the list.
I usually always pick fire type and he's my fave. Also I love his evolution line.
I asked my 9 YO to pick this one for me. With no hesitation he picked Grookey.
Cyndaquil is not just my favorite starter, he's my favorite Pokemon of all time