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Are you a leaner or a stander?

Inspired by @elrey When crunch time hits, is your go to move "the lean" or do you stand up?

stander, im just super hyper active really
I didn't even know people stood! Lean all the way!
Lean always unless I win or do a big play or clip them it’s standing time
Lean in when it's crunch time then I have to stand up to celebrate a big play or victory!
I'll stand for VR, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band (unless drumming obviously) 🤣
I’m a lean-backer. If that’s a thing. I sit on the couch with my feet up. Reclined. Maybe that’s why I’m terrible at games.
Stander until tired, then Leaner... then Sitter.
Revising my answer. It took standing up to win the Kirby TT.
for some reason i stand. it doesn't seem to help tho
Leaning helps with concentration. I'm just going to assume that that is a scientific fact!
I feel this is a little too personal of a question, but a leaner 😏
Leaner unless things get very intense and my anxiety shoots through the roof haha
A leaaner. I am also a "lean backer" when I lose.
100% a leaner. My chair rolls with me sometimes and I need to roll my way back in front of my monitor.
I'm a leaner. Watch my streams, and you'll see that when the pressure is on, I hardcore lean.
I lean as close to the television as I possibly can, it helps me perform.
Didn’t realize this is a thing, but yes, I’m a leaner.
I'm a chill dude... until I start losing. Then we all know what happens
Such a fun question. I definitely stand up in games like Fall Guys and NBA2K. I'm sure I lean-into-stand-up most of the time in crunch time.
Definitely a leaner. Standing makes all my blood go to my feet. Leaning gives me +10% concentration.
The lean for sure! That extra foot and a half closer to the screen really makes all the difference 😆 🤣
I'm a leaner. In the same vein, I'm also an "ow"-er (I'll say ow occasionally when hit in games)
Start with a lean, but some occasions have been enough to get me into a stand
Leaner all the way! When I game on the couch I lean so much my back hurts later if I don't use my Glomtom #boomergaming
If it's getting really intense, I will stand.
I hit that lean like I'm dropping the hottest R&B record of the 70s and 80s.
I’m the leaner usually but my tv is insane far away so I do stand occasionally
I'm a lay-er(?). I lean forward if I need to pay attention and focus, otherwise I'm sinking into the cushions.
Definitely a leaner when I want to focus and then I get tunnel vision. There could be a fire around me and I wouldn't notice. Lol
Definitely leaner. Although nowadays I generally just lay across the couch
Definitely the leaner. Except on the Wii. Then I’m always the stander.
100% leaner. I stand when I’m nervous during sporting events tho, but definitely not gaming.
Leaner 100%. forward, back, side to side. On all axis' 🤣
I lean. But on Mario Kart I pretty much move my whole body like me leaning and tilting my head will help me.
Depends. In my living room? I’m a stander because I need to be closer to the tv. In my basement? Leaner forsure.
Lean or if sitting on floor I get up to the knees.