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What is your IRL class?

Inspired by @geodad. What do you do as an occupation in real life?

In adult brains it’s called school in kids it’s called prison
Owner of an amazing Haunted Attraction and Christmas drive thru lights display.
Business Consultant for a large insurance company.
Warehouse Tech for Diamond Mine near Arctic Circle
Support in games, support in life as a live in Caretaker
Auto Repair Service Writer, aka chamberlain
IT help desk. Or, "Password Repair Specialist".
Accounting Technician....soooo...Scientist??
Was a firefighter and EMT for 10 years. Have been a registered nurse for the past 3.
Burp cloth enthusiast, official small human wrangler and consumer of coffee.
Corporate Partnerships and Charity Success at Tiltify. I help nonprofits get the most out of digital fundraising and consult them on best practices for creating fun and engaging fundraising events. Best site available for creators like us to raise money for charity, hands down.
IT Technician... so I guess.... poor man's Engineer?
Physiotherapist at a hospital. So, touching old people, I guess...
Bard - considering the sheer amount of songs I sing to my dog.
Race - Barbarian. However, I took half the points out of strength and put them into charisma.
A student/apprentice. Still figuring out what Study I feel is right for me.
User experience sorcerer and game enthusiast
Accountant that is the bookkeeping/tax mess fixer for a small accounting firm.
Voice actor and stand-up comedian. You may know me as your friendly neighborhood Robitussin Bear.
I run around in tight pants and armour, tackling whoever carries the pigskin.
Content Lead/Coordinating Producer at the NBA 2K League
Chaotic Good Barbarian with a level or two mutliclassed into Cleric, who now works in social media and community management, lol
Software engineer at an industrial controls company
Indoor kart track manager…for only the next few months after 23 years due to our lease not being renewed. So @joel, if you need a new C3 hire? 😉😂
Still trying to figure this one out. But currently a Financial Analyst (controller) for an eRetailer.
Awww I thought this was about like if you were a DnD class in real life what would you be and I was gonna say Druid cause animals love me

My IRL class is boring old data science lol
I’ve been a package handler at fedex ground for 10 years+ 💪🏻
Senior Software Developer for a foodservice manufacturing company
Book editor who thought he was running an intelligence/wisdom build but has recently accepted that it's actually a charisma build
Behavioral Health Case Manager for adolescents
Principal systems analyst for a medical/healthcare company.
I make daily presentations to uninterested teenagers about abstract symbols and problem-solving skills.
Product Offer Manager for a mutual fund and financial services company
Training and Development. I write and provide the tutorials for our company. You better believe I make myself the company's biggest NPC.
Robot. Data acquisition/analyst 🤓🤖
Outbound Manager for Dollar General Fresh
Educational Assistant/Behavioural Interventionist
Retired military; Currently working as a Program Security Officer.
Manager of Corporate Security for a private company.
Middle school Math and Science teacher.