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Who is the most UNDERFOLLOWED gaming content creator, influencer, or streamer?

Preferably not someone who is on Channel 3 or The Dad Gaming already. And not yourself. Please provide a link!

Easily DK's Musicbox. If you're reading this, you like vidya games. DK's covers are innovative while keeping the nostalgia.</a>dksmusicbox1371
DK's Musicbox
Powerful Paxton on YouTube
My friend from school and I just made my dad subscribe
Powerful Paxton
Someone I try to watch daily. So interactive and honest and plays a variety of games.
The man has a gift! Always a good time watching him.
Xbox Nation - Gamer with Lyme
So I don't really watch people who aren't TDG or CH3. That said, you're all on point when you mention @dantucker, @elrey, & @bayesic. @cknbromein is right there too in terms of entertainment, involvement/collabs, story telling, he's on brand, and he doesn't ramble just to be speaking.
The Dan Tucker @dantucker

always cracks me up especially when I get to see him call some chaos on Mario Golf

I mean from TDG to Channel 3 he's been my annoucer for almost everything I've participated in next to @elrey. Without the 2 of them I would had probably never really partook in any events in either group and I'm glad I have!
I know this person isn’t on here, but I’m gonna mention her anyway. She helped me get to affiliate, and probably doesn’t know it. Randomly popped in my stream. And we play different games. If you play RL, go check her out.
I know it says preferably not on c3, but @thunderpump1 is a king man 👑
The KING of Fortnite
So I am just gettin into the world of streaming and 99% of the people I follow are on C3 or TDG. I only got 300 characters but Kimyaay has stood out. She is starting up and has that consistent interaction with followers and building her stream fast. Plays Mario Kart too. That’s a plus.
This guy just has such a positive atmosphere every time he streams, and it's always a good time. He's a variety streamer that does Pokemon Unite, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Fall Guys

Plus he's another California streamer so that automatically gets him points in my book xD
My Retro Life. This guys childhood was amazing and his dad captured a lot of it on video. He is a great story teller as well. Hits the nostalgia feelings you need. Here is a video of his.
Other than all of my talented friends here, I’ve been enjoying content from Evolve Jake for Fortnite.
Took a minute to think about this:
Level Zero was one I saw posted in a TDG self promo post. A good researched pod
Kit and Krysta used to do Nintendo Minute and are on their own now
I listen to both with my kids
I don’t follow too many folks and most that I do aren’t underfollowed. So I’ll put another vote in for @bayesic since his training videos (and races against him) have been helping me for years. Keep it up man!
Obviously, the correct answer is me. 😂
No, I would say Shadypenguinn. Yes, he does have a pretty good sized following, but I'm honestly surprised he doesn't have a bigger following, he's incredibly funny, does amazing Pokemon content, and is completely family friendly.
I'm gonna say @dantucker because that guy's commentary is just so hecking enjoyable.
Ubernick for Halo content. Love this lad. Was a squad member in his Noble Team Challenge way back in Halo 5. We also made our own content under Chaotix Gaming. Great content and such a nice guy.
........Is this where I put my shameless plug in for boosting engagement? XD Nah seriously @bayesic is wayyyy underfollowed, his tips and videos are great, but also his viewer races are awesome!
The Underfollowed GOAT
Mr. A-Game
He's family-friendly, not annoying, plays fun Nintendo games, and is one of the few YouTubers in general that I enjoy watching with my kids.
Mr A-Game