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What is your gaming snack of choice?

Thanks to @ohtwotwo for this one. What do you prefer to snack on while gaming?

Doritos Cool Ranch and Crown Royal Apple/Pepsi mixed.
Ginger ale and snickers! Sounds bad. But it good!
Beef Jerky! Used to be Slim Jim's, now I like some Country Archer.
Old me would say an IPA,
new sober me says anything spicy 🥵
im not big on eating while i game, but i do like me some sour candies
Tryhards mode - nothing. Casual mode - funyuns.
Usually nothing because I'm OCD about getting my controllers greasy.
what ever I have on hand at the moment though i have been having more of a preference to snacks originating from Asia found these really nice spicy chips with seaweed sprinkles on them that i get from Jungle Jims gotta go get more soon
Anything I can scoop into my mouth without greasing up the keyboard/controller XD
Beer at night time. Banana bread/coffee the other times
When I was younger bagel bites.. but now I'm so anal about getting the controllers dirty the ideal snake is a good cookies n creme milkshake. Look ma no hands!
Goldfish and Sprite. Occasionally change things up a little with Sour Patch Kids.
Pretzels and beer - this is my snack of choice no matter what
Either chewing gum or sunflower seeds!
It used to be Doritos with cream cheese when I was a kid.
Then it evolved to trail mix as I got older.
Now it’s popcorn and whiskey.
Vodka Soda
Pizza Rolls

Top Tier Snack for a Sub Tier Gamer lol
Not entirely a serious answer but I STILL have pop and pours laying around my house from the TDG x Planters sponsorship
Salt and Vinegar Pringles and nibs.
Vanilla Coke to drink
When I do snack, it’s Aldi brand Pub Pretzels. They are the best hard pretzel I’ve ever had. But I hate snacking while gaming because of crumbs and dust.
I don’t snack while gaming but beer has carbs so this should count, right? Pic of my favorite beer from a Seattle brewery.
I don’t usually game and snack, but these are a must have.
Don't do much snacking and gaming, but on try hard nights, a Diet Coke is always nearby.
I always go for stuff that don’t make too many crumbs. Cheese sticks and jerky are my favorites