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Meme this!

Check the @news account this morning for a blank meme template to use. The @news will send bonus XP to it's favorite use of the template.

When you play the game smart...
Fed up with people not playing his characters properly, Sakurai son has released an official statement on the future of Smash
Memories to always forget
CH 4 is for sociopaths (UPDATE: and for people who live in places where you couldn't use CH 3 apparently)
I may or may not have a save with this quest completed….
Had to go through the history of Ch3 quests for this one!
The well is deep with stock photos
Wait…people catch other Pokémon?
You can’t dance your way to becoming an Elden Lord!
What’s next a steering wheel to play COD😂
I don't care what @elrey says, Fall Guys should ban hugging!
Only Pokeballs on very high? Apparently it’s not how you’re “supposed” to play the game, but dang is it fun!
I just wish I could use my turn signal. Did my character put his seat belt on!?