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What's the most unique item in your gaming collection?

Snap a picture of your most unique item you have in your gaming collection. Thanks @joob for suggesting this one from Reddit!

I had my NES Classic and Super NES Classic upgraded to include every NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and SNES game ever made.
I still have the guitars, drums, and mic too. Waiting for my son to show interest, also need a large non-hdmi tv 😜
I purchased this hand made Mario Kart art. It sits prominently behind me on my streams
Apparently my laserdisc. It also has an interchangeable sega genesis console built in that can be swapped out for the microphone inputs to do karaoke on it. But laserdisc does have games. Check out a play through of Pyramid Patrol to see what the graphics were like. They were insane for their time.
I used to have a lot of collectibles and systems but they have been lost when I left for the Army. I saw NHLPA 93 for 2 dollars and bought it cuz I have so many memories of playing this with my Dad. So I have a SNES game on a shelf with no SNES lol.
Since I can use this in the ROTK game, I'm going to count it...
My limited edition Sting replica!
My Intellivision probably (generic pic as I dont want to dig it out)
This is handmade.
Handmade = Quality
Quality = $
Taking highest bid
I 3D printed the MK VII helmet from Halo Infinite and gave it the Electric Bubblegum armor coating. I’m really proud of the paint job I did on it.
Not really a gaming thing…. I went and recently purged lots of random things. Closest is my original Gameboy from when I was a kid. Still have it and it works.
Probably my Chili Hot Dog Gfuel. Never going to drink it, but it has sanic on it and it makes me giggle like a child.
Before there was GameStop, there was FuncoLand, where this shirt somehow didn’t fly off of the rack before I got a hold of it. I obviously wore it every single St. Paddy’s Day for about a decade because, you know…green.
After the first SNES died we got this one. Looks a bit more modern.
I almost chose one of my rarer N64 games, but the fact that I have 8 original N64 controllers and 8 original GC controllers seemed rarer to me.
For years this game was the talk of the gaming community. At first it was because it was so buggy. Then there were rumors that it was so bad they buried a bunch of copies. Then it was the confirmation that they buried them. Then on to digging them up. Pretty sure I picked this up in a yard sale.
My then girlfriend, now wife, bought the Gears 3 retro Lancer for me when she worked at Gamestop. Gears 3 was coming out and my friend and I were "gearing" up got gaming and this was part of my birthday present that year.
I am just starting my collection of cool gaming things. I am blown away by what people have it’s impressive!

EDIT: my “coolest/unique” thing is my Razer Huntsman Mini, first gaming keyboard I have had
Nothing too cool like most of y’all, but my wife lets me hang up Mario Kart posters in the living room
My CIB TMNT for NES signed by Kevin Eastman himself. Met him at New York Comic Con in 2019.
I won a gold N64 controller from a Nintendo Power raffle for people that mailed in proof of their Mario Kart time trial achievement. The controller is at my dad’s but I had the letter for the pic.
I don't know about unique, but it's the one which gets the most attention from my friends.
I don’t play my Xbox anymore but I would say it’s this controller (which I need to get new thumb pads for bc .. you know, kids 😂)
Not particularly unique, but just like in any game with alt skins, I do my best to avoid "base" skins.
I assembled a shelf of all of the Smash Bros. games including the Japanese version of the N64 original.