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It's 3-3-(202)3, so we need to go big. Share this Channel 3 hype video ( ) along with your referral code ( ) on the non-optimized social medias (could even be a Discord server other than Channel 3). Post the info here that you shared (go like/whatever other people's posts also!). Anyone who has a referral used today will be entered into a drawing: if picked both the new sign-up and you will win a $25 merchandise credit each from the C3 store. Plus you'd get the referral XP. Make sure they sign up directly from your link.

Dropped it on my fb and twitter. A day late, but happy C3 day to all!
C3 day hype!
Posted on that archaic book of faces…
I guess better late than never. I don’t have many followers on the FB and the Instagram I couldn’t get a video to really post. I guess I’m old school because I use a lot of word of mouth and physically talk to people about Channel 3. Let’s see if I can get one!

*update; I did add my referral link
Happy Channel 3 Day
Posted to my gaming IG page!
Honestly, I'm just happy to share this cuz more folks get to see my gorgeous face! 😊
(the XP is a nice bonus, thoughhhh!!!)
Happy 3-3 you nerds!
Happy Channel 3 Day!
Channel 3 Day
Let's go Ch 3!
Let’s go! Halo getting into the action
C3 Halo event
Let’s keep it growing!
User 333 too. Cmon now.
Let’s grow this amazing place!!!
It has been so long since I posted on Facebook, I didn't even remember how to do it. Something seemed off and then I realized I have grown accustomed to the c3 interface.
Posted on my gaming podcast account.
Playable Characters Podcast
Sharing channel 3 while heading to a family vacation!
Tweet tweet
Channel 3 do be bussin frfr no cap ong 🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥
I love this place
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