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How many crowns do you have?

Post a screenshot or video embed.

One, and I'm dang proud of it! Only played it a little when it first launched, but picked it up a handful of days ago because my 5 year old thought it looked cool. Since then, he and I have both gotten a win!
Since the season is just about to end, figured I’d update this…
After 2 months of playing this game, I’m now up to 120! Not sure how many are from solo wins, but definitely a fair amount.
Even ended the season on 2 straight solo wins! 😁
Working my way up got a Squad, Solo, and a Duo, thanks to @darthk815 for that one on Saturday’s stream
No joke, I have played one time only (not sure why it says 1/3) and I won! Thinking about retiring…
I've won like...75ish games probably. Obsessed with this game.