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Time Attack: Fastest Lap in Garage Build 01

This game is on Game Pass and was recently a PS+ freebie. You may use any common car. Pick the 01 version of the Garage track. Post a screen shot of your best lap time from the closing screen after you end your run. First tie breaker is the least boost time, second tie breaker is the most drive distance. Third tie breaker is first to submit. Submissions end at 3 AM Eastern / 12 AM Pacific on March 13, 2023.

May take another run at it. This game is clean and I really hope more people try it because of this week.
I feel like I can do better. I just gotta run 20 laps straight and get the drift boost pattern down.
AFTER reading ALL the rules...
1st run : 50.328
2nd run: 50.240
if we’re being honest: I’m unsure as to how I’m making up 2 seconds.
This might be the best I can do. The drift mechanic is more difficult to get a feel for than Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. It's very easy to over rotate, or under rotate.
I couldn't get it faster than this. Gave up after like 10 laps. Phooey!