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Chapter 4 Season 1 Final Level

What's your final level for Chapter 4 Season 1?

Did a lot of quest grinding on early weekend mornings this season, rare to hit 200 for me!
My best season overall with 109 wins and a 3.54 k/d. Mostly running squads with a lot of people here! Might hit 260 before the season wraps up.
Let’s go! 15 minutes of time played lol. I just did a bunch of creative games with my kids this season
One of my better seasons. Shoutout to everybody who was a part of it, especially @darthsmeagol!
I only managed to get to a measly 283… 😂

This season I got 230 wins!
18 solo
84 trio/squad
And a whopping 128 duo wins (24.5% win rate)!

Edit: The stat-tracking websites don't appear to be completely accurate. These numbers are taken straight from the game.
I'm too lazy to change the TVs HDMI, turn on the Xbox, turn on the game, grab a screenshot... So here's a picture of my cat (not the one that stepped on my power strip during the TDG tourney)
I got a few days to get this number where it needs to be.
Better than last time atleast but if I played as much as I used to that would probably be 300 or more just can’t wait for next season
But I'm much higher on my alt account (AKA @thelion)
I play quite a bit!

(PS they got rid of shockwave hammers!!!)