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Nintendo's next gen will be...?

When the day comes for Nintendo to finally announce it's next console, what will they name it?

Please please be a dreamca..I mean Nintendo8k.
introducing, the switch 1.1 with an extra gb of storage!
With the popularity of the Oculus? They're gonna bring back the Virtual Boy, they were just ahead of their time. You heard it here first.
Nintendo Flip.

With some kind of gimmick where you can "flip your switch" to play new games. Like how you could put Gameboy games in the bottom of the GBA.
They are gonna bring back minidisks cause nintendo likes to use antiquated tech for everything and it's gonna be an 8-track style machine that front loads carts and displays at a crisp 1080p @30fps
Switch up up down down left right left right B A Start. Keep it simple
Switch X2 alpha combo mega 4000

Yeah, I have no idea.
Switchblade! It will be a console and a knife in one!
I think we all can agree Nintendo likes to innovate. But I'm really torn as to whether this will just be a "switch 2" or something completely different while they continue to support the switch. The DS had a loooooong lifespan, no reason the Switch can't coincide with another console.
The Switch has been so great that I think the next console will just be more of an upgrade rather than huge changes. So just like going from NES to SNES, let's go from Nintendo Switch (NS) to Super Nintendo Switch (SNS).
Switch UP
Slogan: Time to Switch Up how you think of gaming
Premise: a system with big ambitions, new tech, and new controllers but struggles to get people to catch on. Ends up being a solid system but never ends up with the sales like the Switch.
I am going with Switch Ultra or go with Nintendo 2025 figuring on the year of the release.
I don't know. Guess we'll find out in 2032.

Update: I'm going with Switch-a-roo (what do you think of that @tootslaroo)
If they call it “Channel 3 Turbo” I will lose my mind
Switch+ or Super Switch sounds like Nintendo names.
whatever they do, don’t stray from the formula that is bringing success with the Switch. Build on it & ramp it up.

So Switch 2. Switch Pro. Switch X. Switch1080. Switch Up. Switch NeXt. 😂
N64 remastered.

All the games remastered and then adding new ones.
A handheld screen with at least a 1080/120fps and the ability for 4K/30-60fps

You’re playing a fast paced multiplayer game, pick 1080p/120fps. You’re playing a single player game with lots of scenery, do 4K for a better image.

Also could mean the cartridges would change
Maybe they'll go old-school and add "Super" to the title.
Or maybe they'll do something stupid and call it Wii Switch.
Hopefully with better graphics to support other games aka hogwarts. Nintendo Switchback- 2025
Nintendo has found their niche with portable gaming. I think it will be a Switch/DS hybrid. Something small but powerful like a Switch.
Since switch and next gen have been supposedly talking together to work on a new console for switch it will probably come out late next year and be called Switch X
So far I dont see them straying from the Switch platform; base, lite, and OLED. Based off the DS they followed a similar route DS, DS Lite, 3DS, 2DS. It will have to be something like Switch X

Yeah, Switch X for extreme all the switch features you wanted for years wrapped into one!
2025 at best for an incremental upgrade to the Switch. Do they make Ragnarök caliber games? Nope and that's okay. If Tears works, they can continue to stay in their lane. Nintendo hasn't had the technological edge since the SNES so they don't care about the Series S/X and 5.