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Hogwarts in game name.

Hogwarts Legacy asks you to create a first and last name for your character. What is/ would be your character's name?

Harry Potter, if it's not already taken. Seems like a perfect wizard name for some reason.
Whenever I get the game, it'll be Caveman Trash. My high school nickname, and my gaming nickname
Haven't got it yet. Do you have to be a student? Can I be Professor Johann? I just want to teach magic to these up and coming wizards.
Please forgive my grade school level humor, my dude's had too many butterbeers...
I'll add my photo when I get home, but I went with " ELtus Rey"
Bam Monty might change it but don’t have the game yet so I’ll stick to plain till I have it
If I was playing, it would be: Jaykay Cangetbent.

But I will not play this game.
Thunder Pumpsley
Other options were:
Thunder Pumpington
Thunder Pumperton
Thunderus Pumpledore (might change to this)
Tipsfedora M'Lady, or some other silly name if I had the game lol
Micketall Lee

Tried to convince wife to call hers Doris Stinkwood, but she went with Mauve Nightshade....
Lord Joeldemort

Crap that’s a good one. Now I gotta get the game just to make it real.
I'd name him Samwise Gamgee. And then I'd go play Return of the King instead...