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New Game: Chip's Challenge

The Game is available for free on Steam. Go play a round of Chip's Challenge and drop proof here!

Always a classic, one of the first games on my family's first PC
Created a Steam account for this one. I swear this game reminds me of a game I played back in the 80’s. Hell it could be the game. Also this could be the beginning of a game set up? Claimed my daughter gaming computer she doesn’t use because according to her Roblox is better on iPad.
Went back to level 33 for this challenge! Love this game, hated this level… haha
FINALLY! Perhaps the only person who might be more excited about today's QOTD than me is @blockmamba!
I loved this game as a kid, so hopefully this quest produces more fans of this classic!

Since this is Channel 3, I decided to do level 3.