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Card You Dread to See

What is the card that you dread to see when your opponent draws it in Marvel Snap? Why?

Just not a fan of getting slapped by Odin
If it wasn’t for this card I would of beat Froggy and maybe win it all
I will have nightmares of this card @dantucker
He's like Professor X but worse.
Just picked one, because I don't play enough to know.
I use a lot of 1s in a deck.
Hard agree with @itswhitethunder. I see a pile of 3 cost cards amassing before me and there's nothing I can do about it.
Silver Surfer
Silver surfer is one of the few cards I don't have an answer for with my current deck
Silver Surfer
I just started playing 2 days ago, so this is probably a noob answer, but I've only lost twice and both times were because of these stupid things.
Apart from the rare time (like this) that I’ve been able to use Prof X against him, I almost always lose when my opponent plays Wong! 😡
There are worse but personally whenever this pops out I'm usually a goner
Devil Dinosaur
Late game play, 6 points could change a round real quick
Not even gonna act like I play this game but he is a scary dude 😂
I've only been playing a few weeks, but this can wreck my carefully laid plans on turn 6.
This card usually means Hazmat is coming next. There’s other combos I dread seeing but have counters for now but this one .. brutal if played properly.
Luke Cage
He's strong in the comics, so he must be strong in this game right?? Right?? Ok, I don't play and I have no clue.
Haven't played much lately but I knew I was gonna have a hard time if I saw this drop.
Iron Man
This card usually means they are going to follow up with spiderman and you lose.
Lately Dracula has been making my life miserable.
Something that prevents me from doing what I want to do, so like Iceman and Professor X. But when I'm using my Destroy deck and I see this pop up...I get so mad.
Occasionally I can counter the patriot deck with a rogue or enchantress but it’s beaten me many times. Taskmaster is another one I dread
Eliminating all abilities in your hand is rough. Not sure why they nerfed Leader so much but left this dude alone.
Might be more tolerable with this latest nerf, but this card just devastated me too often.