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Favorite Marvel Snap Card

Select your card that is your favorite to drop on someone in Marvel Snap. Tell us why!

Because I can't use Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
What's more fun that destroying Devil Dinosaur with Shang-Chi? Stealing its power and leaving it helpless and worthless.
Always a fan of adding more points
White Tiger
At the level I'm at now, the moon girl and Devil Dino combo works pretty well for a win.
Devil Dinosaur
Dracula is my current favorite, he’s a shang-chi-proof high powered surprise winner! Past faves are devil dino, quinjet, hela and leader.
With the current state of my game Devil Dinosaur has been killing it, especially after playing Moon Girl!! Plus, they’re getting a Disney+ animated show!!
Devil Dinosaur
Hard to pick a fav, there’s so many good ones I love in different situations. I’m going to go with Deadpool though, because when he works, it’s just so much fun to drop a 1 cost 32 power card.
Pros: customizable power based on how much energy you want to spend. Only 1 cost

Con: only 1 cost so killmonger or Elektra can take him out
Honestly I just like the "I AM IRONMAN" sound effect
Iron Man
I don’t play this game, but Colossus is my favorite from the X-men arcade game.
I like dropping this one and ruining the game for my opponent.....or me.
Professor X
Being able to play multiple good cards on turn 6 is amazing power
How do you pick your favorite child?? This is a tough one because it can change by the day. But Hela can really do some fun damage in a good Discard deck. I think Namor was my first favorite for a while before Hela. Black Cat is also high in the rankings lately. And M'Baku has won me at least 5.
Using Killmonger late in a match against an opponent using a lot of 1-cost cards they’re buffing is so satisfying!
I love the gamble and learning what card your opponent has.
Responsible for this run I’m on that got me into the 60’s (previous best was 49). Mystique + Ultron don’t hit as big without Patriot.
This was tough to pick. I went with my current favorite variant.
Sword Master
Just love thanos in movies and games
hes helped me climb from 30 to mid 80s along with zabu