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New Game: KartRider: Drift

Complete a round of KartRider: Drift

You guys are playing on mobile? I really enjoyed speed mode much more than Item mode. The duo and squad concepts are fun too.
Always cool to win a race. I thought I was special until I came here to report my results.
Decently fun for a phone racing game but can’t imagine this consumes me like Snap
It’s alright. I may try it again someday but I’m going back to Snap now.
I have clips from 2 years ago with this game 😂. I’ve played every closed beta and I think I got quite a few beta items. It’s a great game for those who don’t have a switch to play Mario Kart
I agree with what others are saying - the controls are better than MK Tour.
That said, I didn’t enjoy it. I’d much rather play a racing game on a console.
Had fun but it’s definitely a knockoff of Mario Kart and trying to ride its coattails. Agree with @dosandres that the controls are better than MK mobile.
A lot easier to play on mobile than Mario Kart.