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TBT Quest: What is your current favorite Fortnite skin?

With so many new players and new skins since we first asked, it's time to get some updated images.

I'm completely hooked on my Wrap-skin guy. Limitless combinations.
It’s playoff season so I’m rocking the Bengals. I used to always be #1 for Ja’Marr Chase but changed to #3 for obvious reasons 📺3️⃣🎮
I'm generally rocking this one unless the kids are pushing for something
Lynx variation. I like dark characters who are smaller. This was my original go to and it’s back again!
I wish they would give us more of the STW variants for this gorgeous girl.
Codename E.L.F.
If you can't strike your opponents with fear, might as well bring them Christmas cheer!
I would imagine this is a shock to no one 😂 honestly it’s characters in masks for me. Chaos Agent, Rogue Agent, Metal Mouth .. just to name a few.
I sometimes just use a skin them change it or go on all random but I use this skin too much to not put it up here
This has been one of my favorites since I got it back in Chapter 2 Season 6 - Primal. I have been rocking hard lately, classic Indigo Tarana