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Which Marvel character deserves their own standalone game?


Loki. Being the God of Mischief would be fun and you could do so many thing with it for everyone to enjoy and laugh.
Iron man. If they took Anthem’s gameplay and just threw in Iron Man, it would be absolutely amazing.
Silver Surfer, but supposedly a series to come to Disney+ in 2024
Magneto. Would be cool if there was standalone game for a villain and especially Magneto. To be able to manipulate your environment would be cool to play.
You could use his powers in an interesting gameplay mechanic.
i think with everything going down the way it has there's only 1 correct answer
I’m going to go with something different and say Ice Man. That seems like an opportunity for a great game
This guy. Yeah he’s from the movies. But he seems to enjoy games, so I think he deserves his own. 😁
My first instinct was "Invincible" but that's Image, not Marvel. My next idea was Flash, but that's DC...

Dare Devil would be difficult to pull off...

Let's go with Moon Knight!
Deadpool but it has to be voiced by Ryan Reynolds! That would be so funny and a lot of action
Professor X. Your job is to explore the world and train mutants that you find.
The Punisher (rated M). Guest appearances by Spider-Man and daredevil (who may assist you or try to stop you depending on your choices throughout the game).
Mystique. This could be a cool “hit man” style stealth game where she infiltrates facilities, talks her way out of situations, then sabotages, steals, or causes distrust. It could take place in the marvel u so it could have other characters in it.
Bailey Hoskins. He could detonate himself, but doing so would would kill him. Struggle the entire game and then defeat the final boss and save the world sacrificially .
How about an Ego game where the game plays itself and you just watch! 😂

In all seriousness though, I’m thinking a stealth game with Morph!