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Mine Cart Carnage

Play level 2-2 in Donkey Kong Country and collect KONG.

Loved this game as a kid, played it all the time at my grandparents. Occasionally play it even now when I just want to chill & not play something super competitive.
Why was this harder than is should have been. Me and Liam are going through right now so I just had to go back to the level but it took me way to long to get all the king pieces
That was no joke, I’ve beaten this before but it’s been decades
I wish I could say this was simple today, but it's done!!!
Way more work than I thought it would be, got ticked at the barrel level in Stage 1, then had to redo this level cause my stupid screenshot didn’t save properly.
I promise I got it. I’ve got it 3 or 4 times now. I don’t understand how you take a picture in time. The letters always blink and keep making me miss the KONG. But I promise I got it.
Played through this on my SNES. The controls are difficult!
Wow memories.. this might have been my first rage quit.. that last cart of the lvl to 🤣 #spoilers
Well that was a fun! I haven’t played DKC in years, but it still holds up well today!

And I decided to give myself a challenge and also get 33 bananas and 33 lives! 😁