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New game: Knockout City

Complete the tutorial and play a round of Knockout City. This game is F2P on all the gaming platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S

That was more fun than I expected! I will definitely have to play it some more later.
I even got MVP (though not sure if it was bots or not)!
Grabbed the screen shot at the wrong time. Bought this game a year ago, it’s a good one
I can see myself getting good at this game if I put in the effort lol
I need more of this game in my life. Thank you Channel 3 for introducing this game. I love the try new game challenges. Everyone get out of your comfort zones and try new games! You may find something you like.
Was fun! Not sure I totally followed what was happening but man games are so good these days
Does it count if I used to grind this game when it first came out? I have tons of clips from this haha
Was a fun game to try and got MVP on my first match! Could see this in our Triple Dare rotation.
This could be added to the rotation, could be a lot of fun as a channel 3 party game!