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Headstart Challenge LEVEL 2! (Same as before, but ALLL the bots have to lap you before you start.) What are the most points you can get in a 150cc Mushroom Cup Grand Prix with giving the bots a one lap headstart?

You can NOT cross the start line until ALL of the bots have lapped you and are ahead of you. You can go backwards to bag if you want. Upload a photo or video. This is very much an honor system kinda situation. Please be honest. LET'SAGO.

Yooooo, this was rough. 6th, 12th, 1st, 6th. Definitely giving this one another go!

Update: changed my kart & scored 4th-1st-1st (by a nose)-6th. Why are the last karts so slow!? 🤣
I can post the new video later. I thought 44 would be impossible to beat, and then freaking Bayesic entered the room…

Update. I was in first on Water Park. Decided to do my Glider Vectoring. Hit the post and got 2nd…