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Promote Channel 3

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Promote Channel 3 somewhere on another social site. Drop a screenshot and post the link in your description. One more 333XP bump to kick the season off!

I usually try to ask a question a day that is gaming related if I can tie it to Channel 3 and the Cr3w I always @ them, not only for my engagement but for directing traffic to Channel 3
Pokémon Unite Question
I promoted on the Bucket N Hoosier show! Go to the 1 hour 19 min mark or so…

BNH Show Promoting C3
I am ALWAYS on that Channel 3 promo grind. This year I am going to be promoting the crap out of it all year!
Gamers game!
Join us!
Promoted on my gaming IG
Good old Hannel 3!
Twitter tweet!
Promoted it on the other social site that I refuse to name. Lol

I don’t tweet a lot, but this one is worth it. Check out a site for gamers by gamers. It offers weekly gaming events and a welcoming community for all types of gamers. @elonmusk would even like this one!
Viral marketing.
Showing some love on that other social media site
Just got Elon to join us.
Tweeter dot com
Promoted on my Facebook page, hoping to see more IRL friends on here soon.
Pic in comments
Made by gamers for gamers.
Try this promo stuff over on Instagram.
Twitter promotion!
Let’s see if I can recruit from IG
I Posted this on my FB page.
Picture is in the comments since it won’t let me share it here.