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Armor Showcase

Show us your favorite armor combination.

I mean how can’t his armor be one of the best
Normally I’d pick something from an RPG but this represents my gaming lately
These were not the answers I was expecting, but I am impressed with everyone's creativity today.
Not only am I a nice guy, I’m a fungi. Hahahhahahhahahahhaha
Samus has so many to choose from, but all her armor is awesome
Really cool armor! If anyone needs it trimmed, hit me up...
My man's out here fighting ghosts (AND goblins!) in tidy whitey's.
I got a good laugh out of the quest in Breath of the Wild when Link had to dress as a girl. Good times.
Wearing this all day for this challenge too
This unlockable makes the game so much more enjoyable as the suit of armour makes Ashley invincible! The escort parts of this game are the WORST!
Plus the 30’s gangster look for Leon is pretty sweet, especially with the Chicago Typewriter (with its infinite ammo).