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Headstart Challenge! What are the most points you can get in a 150cc Mushroom Cup Grand Prix with giving the bots a one lap headstart?

You can NOT cross the start line unless at least one bot has lapped you and is ahead of you. You can go backwards to bag if you want. Upload a photo or video. This is very much an honor system kinda situation. Please be honest. LET'SAGO.

The most challenging part is not racing at Go! I got to Thwomp Ruins and forgot about the challenge and started racing normally 😂 . Had to go back and do it over!
Took three tries. First try, I got blue shelled within sight of the finish line on the last lap of the last race. I have a feeling the #2 challenge won’t go as smooth.
Definitely harder than I thought, apparently thwomp ruins is my least favorite course

Redid it tonight and got 60 with ease
My son and I did it together and he got the 43. Going into the last race he was ahead of me since he nailed me twice as a bullet bill! I’ll try again solo since I think I can do better
That was fun!! Squeaked out 1st on Sweet Sweet Canyon, and the rest were by a good margin on first try. Onto challenge 2.