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Favorite gaming gift ever?

What's your favorite gaming gift you've ever gotten?

Personalized Apex Banner with my stats from my now wife when Apex Legends first released :)
My wife (then girlfriend) surprised me with both the gears 3 ultimate edition and the retro Lancer.
I started a new job on my birthday in 2012. My wife surprised me with a PS3 Super Slim after work. I looked like a little kid I sat in front of the TV on the floor hooked it up and started playing
My SNES and SNES games from my wife. She gave it to me for Christmas when we first started dating.
The original Nintendo that my brother and I got for Christmas. It started my gaming obsession and remember it very fondly.
A DS Lite with a Kingdom Hearts games - one of the first gaming consoles I ever got (and one of the few game centric gifts I got)
My Razer Tartarus. My MiL grabbed it 2 years ago and it definitely has been a game changer for me. One of the few actual gaming gifts I've been given. Usually I just buy what I want.
NES, circa 1987. No Doubt, Nothing else will compare.
N64. My grandma got it for me and my siblings. First system that was ours.
Game Gear. It wasn't even something I asked for as a kid but it was so cool getting my first system that was just MINE. That thing massacred AAs but between the battery pack and wall/car chargers I was set. I don't have a pic of that year but here's me opening another Sonic game
Hands down...SNES. I still remember those games, loved the look, and how they all played. This was probably the system that started my gaming.
Part of me wants to say NES as that’s what started my gaming journey; but I have to go with SNES as I’ve enjoyed the games on that system more! Super Mario World is still my all-time favourite game and Donkey Kong Country 2 is high on my list as well!
I'll tell my least favorite only because we still laugh about it...
My girlfriend (now my wife [MY WIIIIFE!] one year got me Power Gig for Christmas. "Bri, what's that?" you're asking? Great question. It was a pretty bad Guitar Hero/Rock Band knock off but she had no idea. We returned it. 😁🎄
My brothers and I got an SNES for Christmas in the early 90’s and must have played it all day! I’m addition to Super Mario World we got F-Zero, it was a really exciting day!
Silly, but all the gaming themed gifts I’ve received over the years from my best friend. She has given me Mario items, a hat like Links and some Zelda art because I love her. Still waiting for a Navi fairy lol
The PS4. I had always been a casual gamer but I had been dropping hints to my wife how I'd love to have one. She surprised me with one that XMas and I think that system brought me into full "gamer" mode. Runner up is her surprising me with the hard-to-find Wii many years ago.
Without a doubt getting the NES at Christmas when I was 6 years old. Life was never the same after that
Getting a PS1 for like my 9th birthday not expecting it, at all. The sheer joy in opening it & found out it was the last in stock!

For my 12th birthday, my uncle got married. Mom thought I was pissed (I was actually half awake) about it so I got to open my gameboy color w/Pokémon yellow early!
Thinking about it I kinda miss having one of these not gonna lie!
I got a gameboy color from Santa when I was a kid + Pokémon yellow! I remember being sooo excited to start my Pokémon journey.
Opening an N64 on Christmas was the highlight of my childhood. So much nostalgia with that system
My mom bought me a Wii a few years ago. The Wii was my first gaming experience. Some great memories were made on that Wii.
It was my birthday and I got a giant box from my parents and my friends. Then I opened it and found a new TV, a Nintendo Switch, and a lot Switch Games. And this came all in one
We received a Wii as a wedding gift. What a great way to spend time together during the first few years of marriage.
TWIST! Favorite gaming gift I've ever given. When I gave my kids a Switch and got back into gaming. And now we're here. :)
The N64. I had an uncle who worked for the computer company Gateway and he was fairly high up in the company. He was super generous with his money and one Christmas got a N64 for each of his siblings families (3, fitting I know). I will always remember that Christmas.
My parents bought me an N64 for Christmas. I still remember turning in Mario 64 for the first time and being blown away.
I had been saving up for an N64 and my parents surprised me by buying one and paying the rest of it. It was one of the only times they went over budget for me on a gift and I remember how big of a deal it was for me.
Definitely when I got my switch two years ago. It took me to the dad gaming and now here to C3 for which I am extremely grateful. Honorable mention to xmas 1997 when I got a PS1... first time I got a gaming system for me lol, my brother was in college and we had just moved. Merry Christmas!
Has to be the original Xbox getting that as a little kid was so cool and now I’m on pc run on windows so technically just a badass Xbox
Got an N64 for Christmas back in the day. My brothers & I each got a controller too. Only problem was my parents thought a game came with the system like the SNES did. Simple trip to Blockbuster fixed that. Everyone in our family played the Battle of Hoth level that night. Mind blown over graphics.
My Father’s Day gift from my wife this year ❤️
my wife bought me my first really good gaming headset like 5 years ago. im still using the same pair to this day. Logitech G935