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MadHarryRackham's art challenge: Spiderman

To celebrate the release of the new Spiderverse trailer, draw, paint, sculpt, even grab some slick pics in photo mode in-game

LilG refused to draw it if she couldnt draw Ghost Spider (Gwen Stacey) so I just pulled the show poster lol
Typed in easy kids spiderman drawings into google!
I found a picture of myself and added it to tonight's Fortnite lobby screen. Coincidently, this picture of me was popping up on our digital picture frame today.
Pretty close. Took me a long time. Hope you enjoy! 😀
Kind of like Toby Maguire holding the train back.
Does this work? My daughter couldn't find Peter, so Gwen and Myles it is.
Performance art was the best I could do on short notice
Can’t draw. Saw I could do photo mode. Went to daughters room & fired up Netflix machine (PS4). Controller felt weird. Opened Spiderman. Couldn’t remember controls. Couldn’t remember photo mode. Found photo mode. Couldn’t get photo off the PS4. Took picture. I’ll never cheat on Xbox again for XP.
More Spodermen than Spiderman, but ya know... haha
Started digging through my old Legos since the kiddo is getting interested in them. Good ol' Sam Raimi Lego Spiderman!
@connerf and I were both rocking our Spiderverse outfits when I encountered this bizarre glitch using the aerialist augment.
On my screen, I was stuck on the ground unable to move; whereas Conner saw this.
Then the game booted me and I missed out on the vicroy… 😢