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Channel 3 Season 2 - Favorite Part?

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We cannot believe Season 2 is wrapping up. Tell us your favorite part of of Season 2 of your Channel 3 experience!

Came in on the tail end of it but any season in this group is simply the best.
I love the Wednesday night events! Always competitive and always fun!
My favorite part was sad but funny for me. It’s was me and @ggshadow qnf then all of the sudden his mike stops working then hes kicked out of the game. I thought I had won but guess not
I feel like last season's target was amazing because of how some would be really easy and fun and other would be hard and challenging so in conclusion season 2 was great.
Sounds cheesy, but just getting to watch what we called "potential" in Season 1 get hammered out and polished into functionality, while still knowing there's so much more to come. What a cool experience.
The growth/expansion on not only the site itself but the user base. We saw the introduction of 3 mini games and Championship series. A nice rise in user profiles and user engagement has been off the charts. It is only the beginning but how sweet it is…..and I don’t even work for C3 😆
Watching the growth! The events, the small features, all of it is amazing! Mini games are clutch.
Looking forward to each Wednesday.

The streams have been a lot of fun to listen to this season.

I like the rivalries that have developed on Wednesday and getting to know some of the cr3ws' personalities and playing styles.

Fortnite trios for season 3? 333!
Just being there when I could. Wednesday nights were hard for me.
Loving the What are your 3 Podcasts. It's been great getting know people's explanation of the games they love.
Top 3:

3 Minigames
2 Running 2s in Fortnite and Rocket League
1 The superusers' (all of you) patience with hiccups during this alpha phase. It's not always convenient to fire up a browser and post here instead of other places. But your engagement has been OFF THE CHARTS. It's truly my fuel!
Lots of things but especially the @whatareyourthree podcast, weekly challenges (Hades and Bejeweled 👌), being able to create trivia questions everyday and seeing it strike up conversations!
May seem silly but the Christmas 1UP blitz. It was fun and a feel good thing.
Season 1 got me back into Fortnite, which has allowed me to consistently play with people on here during Season 2! Love squading up with @nanner, @darthsmeagol, @elrey, @ohtwotwo, and many others!
Definitely when me and @xminist3r won the Week 10 Fortnite Zero Build round!
Many things, but also getting asked to co-create and host Triple Dare has been really fun. Hope you all enjoyed it as well! We'll be back in 2023!
I know they debuted in S1 but having the mini games all season was a blast
I feel like the weekly quests really took off. I liked the diversity. Hope to see more shooters in here for S3 👀
All of you. I’m so happy to be surrounded by awesome people.
Finally finding this amazing platform with such a great community. That is my Favorite Part Y’all are Amazing!
Ch3 is my social media of choice. I check it multiple times a day.. what's Facebook? The daily quests and trivia gets me excited in the morning and the events I've been able to meet new people and improve my overall game play. Can't wait for S3!
Channel 3 has definitely become my main source of social media recently and I would have to say the part I enjoy most would be a toss up between the daily quests or switching to duos in Fortnite. It’s been playing with new people and adding to the friends list!
Winning the solitaire challenge with a sub-minute time. My adrenaline was going as if I was playing Warzone during those games lol. These challenges can take the most relaxing game and make you compete like there's no tomorrow!
Winning the merry mountain time trial! I hardly ever can win time trial challenges. (Also listening to @whatareyourthree for the first time)
The daily missions have been fun! Gives me a way to think about games I like and either play said game, or answer some fun trivia/opinion about the game.
Spreading the XP love. Between having 2 months off in between jobs and relegated to the couch for a few days after a procedure, had fun “1UP” bombing others.
Mario Kart champ series was fun to be a part of. Hoping to get more RL nights next season.
Squading up with so many people from C3 to play Fortnite! It’s cause of y’all that I enjoy that game so much!

Honourable mention to finally winning a Fall Guys and Fortnite event, and especially winning the Smash Bros duos C3CS tournament!
Winning on the wheel spin being able to get onto the podcast that will come out next year in January not saying what day though. I do think though that @whatareyourthree is the biggest part of this season
I got signed up late, but I love playing events and meeting new gamers. Gonna sign my son up when the new season kicks off.
I would either say group challenges (especially the ones with special tags) or the podcast! Loving the growth as a hole and looking forward to continuing an upward trend!
Teaming up with @joel for the smash tourney was probably one of the most fun things this season for me
Pulling second place overall xp even if im trash at all the games we play :)
Addition of the daily and weekly quests, podcasts, and the change up in some games. I know it’s hard early on to make everyone happy but you could tell there was changes in the games to keep it fresh. Hoping for gifting Turbo and waging XP in 1v1 challenges!
Seeing the inclusion of TDG for Rocket League Wednesdays, and the growth this community has experienced as a result.
I love Fortnite duos and squading up in general. It's been great chatting with different folks every week and having people to play and hang out with every night.
Definitely has to be @whatareyourthree!! It was an honor to be one of the first episodes and give everyone a little insight to my life and gaming history, and I absolutely love getting to listen to others'!!