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Season 4, Chapter 1 Victory Royale

   +50 XP
Get a solo Victory Royale in Season 4 Chapter 1

So I haven’t been playing solos as often but this was a good one for my first VR of the season
LETS GO!!! second game of this season, second season ive played, SECOND SOLO VICTORY ROYAL!!!
Had some time tonight before going to bed. One last round to attempt this. AND I GOT IT. Feels good.
Got a clip of the week in this win with @oman but u might put it together with another clip similar to this I also got with him today. But awesome win 🏆
I could never have my own skin in this game bc I love using so many. Currently redoing my whole locker 😂
It was me and one other person left. I was getting shot at and then suddenly I won! No idea how - but I’ll take it!
Then @geodad and I teamed up and we got back to back duos wins! One with a hammer and one with an Excalibur snipe while using Party Time!