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Gaming Resolution

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Happy New Year! What is your gaming resolution for 2023?

Continuing playing games and having fun playing them with friends and family.
Build an arcade and emulation PC to play all my favorite old games with my kids.

...and of course beating them in all those games while I still can!
Spend less time on Apex, and more time playing the games I purchased on sale and never played.
I want to finish off more of my backlog. So far this year I finished GOW: Ragnarok, ghosts of tsushima and my last time off I bought and finished main story for hogwarts legacy in 4 days. I hope to finish off at least a dozen older games I havent touched while also completing everything new I grab
I hope I can finally beat @joel in a 1v1 and win with him in a rocket league event
my gaming resolution is in Fortnite reach level 300!
There are too many good games out there. Outside of games like Golf/Mario kart/Splatoon, I'm only going to be playing games I've never played before.
I never answered this while on vacation... There are too many games that I enjoyed that I never got to finish. Finishing more games this year.
Play games for my enjoyment. If I’m not enjoying it, I stop playing it.
100% file completion in Binding of Isaac Repentance. I've got 561/637 achievements. It's my gaming white whale. Such a brutal grind, but I need to do it.
Finish the rest of the season in the top spot!
I'd like to get back into console gaming and get a better setup for streaming. Current laptop can't hack it.
Get a really solid secondary in Smash Bros.
Coach at least 5 new players into elite smash.

Beat Undertale Genocide and P5 on Hollow Knight

Play more Mario Kart
Join more @channel3 events!!! Maybe stream some 👀
Incorporate more games into my rotation. I currently mainly play CoD, Rocket League and Overwatch. I want to finish Arkham Knights and God of War.
Get and beat the Cuphead DLC before the new TLoZ launches
Would love to start streaming now that I have a better setup. Possibly learn to dual PC stream using my older PC.
Cut that backlog down a smidge from 700 games to about 690 games.
Get back into streaming, I was using my
laptop and a tv to stream. I recently bought a PC and I no longer have a webcam or a second monitor. Need to wear the banana suit again!
4K HDR is the goal.

Oh that's not what you meant? I guess mine would be to stream more.
Try and have more fun and not rage so much lol
Play more tabletop games with friends and participate in more events here on Channel 3!!
To play more games with my kids, beat Fire Emblem 3 Houses before Zelda comes out, and buy less games
Sorry for the copy @darthsmeagol but this has been on my radar also!

Buy/beat Mario Odyssey
Complete more games, win a Group A TDG Mario Kart finals, and play through Tears of the Kingdom with my kids.
Start streaming. My daughter is interested in streaming too so trying to figure out the streaming thing this year is a goal of mine.
While 2022 was a great gaming year with getting Twitch affiliate and TikTok Live access plus getting a new gaming PC, I’m going to take a step back and make sure I balance my gaming time with spending more time with my wife and kid.
To make sure my gaming does not negatively affect my family. It is something I am always aware of and will continue to think about over this next year as well
Save up for a gaming PC. Short and sweet resolution.
- Get top 5 in a group A finals for TDG MK8.
- Stream more content!
- Finish some solo or cooperative story driven games.
To get better at Mario kart and defend my Mario golf championship.
Finish more solo campaign games. Finally play in some Fortnite C3 events, and win a group A TDG MK finals.
Edit and post more gaming content, I'm sitting on alot of backstock
Since my daughter is getting older (4), I want to start having some game nights with her.
I want to sit and dedicate atleast one day a week to playing solo campaigns.
Work on audio and video editing to make more creative content outside of streams. Find new markets to break into for streaming and content (e.g. games, tutorials, voice over work)

Also finish a few games off my backlog
To win more than just one week in a C3 tournament during a season
100x more users on Channel 3 🤗
Make some better gaming videos for my YouTube and stream more games and finally build my fiancées pc so we can game together.
Be more productive with my time, stream a a bit more (especially now that I have the space), & play more “new” games that I’ve never played before … + beat Cuphead.
Stream more, maybe spread out to other games as I intended. Actually finish games.
To beat more games. Too many times I start a game, but never beat it.