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Gaming photography contest! What’s the best screenshot you’ve ever captured?

And what makes it so good?

Absolutely perfect. Squirrels that throw “these nuts” at the character.
Spider-Man has a pretty awesome photo mode I'll have to grab some Forza screenshots too if I can find them
My daughter’s favorite game of all time is RDR2. She was playing the game and I showed her how to take a selfie with some of her horses. She thought it was hilarious that he looks like he is holding a phone.
This is one of my favorite screenshots ever. I can't say it's the best of the best, but damn its beautiful.
Elite Dangerous has always delivered on pretend space based imagery.
My brothers and I doing an emote in Destiny 2 of our characters on a couch playing video games in front of Sparklehorse, the Eternal Equine inside of his treasure dome after completing the wacky challenges of Dares of Eternity.
Not the best but was a fun one beating the last story bit on Lost Ark launch. I stopped playing shortly after.
I had just won a game of PUBG. I had a few seconds left and a C4 in my bag so I decided to get creative. It turned out well, gathering praise even on Reddit (they are ruthless) from gamers and developers alike!
Honestly was really proud of this orange juice bar I made for Marty in Animal Crossing New Horizons and felt it fit the criteria.
A Plague Tale: Innocence

Bridge, water, mild sepia tone… makes me want to jump in a kayak and go fish. Never mind the rats eating every living thing in sight.
It may not be my absolute favorite ever, but this one from No Man's Sky somehow finds itself into my wallpaper rotation often.

Edit: Reuploaded in better rez.
I don’t really take screenshots. But looking through my Xbox captures I found this one from 2 years ago. My first ranked placement in RL as a silver 2. Now I’m a D3-C1 player

(I used to be Saucehockey20)
Take #2 with the updated formatting! The Spider-Man PS games and their photo modes are incredible. Unfortunately I guess I didn't transfer my PS4 shots but here's a good one from the 5 and Miles Morales!
I couldn’t find any picturesque screenshots, so - el bunko (free “like” if you know what game this is)
Ja'Marr Chase waterskiing on a shark by a lighthouse while the sun sets behind the Fortnite storm.

I love to take pictures in Minecraft
It was really hard to get the animals in the right spots but I figured it out
This one made me laugh so I’ll post it. My friend was having an off day so I picked him up & said “same thing, right? Just me carrying your bum ass” 😂