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What PowerA item would you most like?

You don't need to buy anything, but head to and post what item you'd be most interested in. Post a link or an image to the item. Looking to see what gamers would like most!

Really need to get a GC controller for my switch. Plus I’m a collector so…
I think I’d go with this one, I could use a dedicated PC controller so I don’t have to keep moving my switch pro controller between PC and switch.
I do need a new X-box controller. I play on PlayStation more but there is still some games I will need this for
Bit of a cop out but I already have it. Favorite controller in foreground, favorite social platform in background.
Good reviews (online and friends) for a fraction of the cost of the official Xbox Elite controllers.
Because who couldn’t use a Pikachu case for their switch??
My PowerA Cuphead and Mugman controllers just came in last week, so I feel like I need to complete the collection with the Ms. Chalice controller. Just finished S3 of Cuphead with the kids this past weekend.
If I got another pro controller, have 2 (one is a @PowerA Fusion). I would channel my inner tank with the Snorlax and Friends
Not big on wired controllers cuz my gaming set up involves a recliner 10 feet from my TV. I like this simple look though.
Going to seem silly but with how often the boys & I travel for BMX, I really should get a car charger for our Switches
Fusion Pro 2 Xbox Controller... PowerA promoter @thunderpump1 has me wanting to try it.
Need that gamecube feel for Smash.
Cuphead controllers should be reinforced because they will take damage
Nice looking charging dock for the extra joy cons and pro controller.
Do they have an indestructible controller? Asking for a friend.
Because not only is the GC controller the best controller for Smash, it’s the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my hands!