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Black Friday

It's Black Friday in the US. What is the deal you're picking up or wish you could get? Drop and image of what you're on the hunt for! Obligatory plug for for your holiday shopping needs!

I think this is the stupidest gaming purchase I ever made. It's a case but there's nothing inside except the download code. I don't know why this couldn't have just been a code emailed to me after I bought it but it was on sale for $5 from $30. Look what y'all did to me making me like Fortnite.
Picked up my buddy Teddiursa at Build-A-Bear
Trying to convince myself to not buy the LG C2 OLED.
If I had the funds, I grab it. The ultimate founders would be awesome!
Always wanted to build a full arcade, but this will do for now! A rare discount for this arcade controller. Looking forward to showing my boys some arcade classics! What's your favorite arcade game? Drop it below!
After hearing all the hype from @elrey I had to get this.
I partook in the Cowabunga Collection finally...and now thanks to @connerf I'm going to end up with Tales of Vesperia also...
Finally gonna take the leap with my 6 yr old.
Used Turtle Beach headset for $22.50 and FE Warriors: Three Hope's for $40. Not a bad deal.
Well… just dropped $1600 on a new PC! Now to tell the wife…… jkjk
Got me some more TDG gear from the new store. Big sale today
This was my only video gaming purchase but we stopped at several local businesses and grabbed books, board games, jewelry and dog toys. Kinda all over the place
Bought 2 Astro A20 headsets and 2 Samsung S6 tablets for the 2 boys… love my Best Buy credit card
Welp, thanks to @thunderpump1 and @bitzdad I "saved" lots of money today.
Picked up a couple of these for my kiddos. Personally, I'd love a smoking detail on an Xbox elite 2 controller, but the hunt continues.
(Link in comments)
Well, kinda gaming related. Gotta have it to survive. This is what I'll be picking up for Black Friday. I really haven't looked at other deals.
Building a PC? I have one of these M.2s in my build and they are great, price drop has come down from $129 in Oct a nice 1TB SSD
I'm pretty sure this will be under the tree Christmas morning but for anyone else interested it's on sale
Probably a steam game or two.
My main Xbox controller got the joystick drift going on, so looking to pick this guy up. These are in Canadian dollars, so might look steep, but it's a deal here.
No deals for me. But I will be mounting a tv on the wall in my family room. So I will be “picking up” that tv to put it on the wall mount. 😂
I recieved a ps gift card for my birthday so I could grab Ragnarok, so that's gonna be my purchase
Not gaming related but hoping to get some 170mm cranks for the bike 😂 otherwise GoPro & accessories.
I would love to get this! But even if I could find it anywhere, I can’t justify the expense at the moment.