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Chapter 3, Season 4 final level

What level did you make it to in the final season of Chapter 3?

I’ve only been playing for a month!
11 solo, 8 duo, and 25 trio/squad VRs! 😁

GGs to everyone with whom I’ve played! I suspect that’s how I levelled up so much as I rarely tried to complete challenges.

Shout-out to @thunderpump1 - I played with him a lot and he’s definitely helped me improve!
Far for myself but would’ve liked to get to 200.
Around my normal level. Ready for Chapter 4!
Probably gonna shoot for the 200 mark in the next CH4, S1
Did a lot of the xp achievements to get here. Also had help from my wife and daughter.
54 but I did most of the leveling up for @thelion if we’re being honest. And he is 202!
Depends on how technical we want to get on son technically plays on my account and he got to level 140 something. Sort of counts, right? I've only played a few games on my own.
I only played in custom events this season 🤷‍♂️
this is the first season ive ever played, i think this is decent
First full season I played. I got to 100 last season but I got a lot of XP from doing those quest your first time playing. This season was a grind and I had fun.
Really wanted to make it to 200 but just have been a little burnt out with the game 😂
Might get higher later today but wasn’t really that excited with the battle pass this season so I didn’t really care about levels
Level 61! That was a ton of fun! On to the next season!
It was a fun season. I think I did better on channel 3 then I did in the public games.

Now I just need to try to "finish" on my son's account. I hate leaving vbucks on the table.
Probably won’t make it on before the final event, if I make it. Lvl is about average for finish. High notes 2nd most season wins, but I didn’t feel carried this time; Most elims in a season; and highest K/D in a season. Super stoked to see what Chap 4 brings