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What is your favorite weapon to use?

Hades has six weapons with four variations each. Which do you prefer to escape the Underworld with?

Ranged attacks are always best.
Coronacht: Aspect of Chiron
I guess I need to play more to unlock like half of these lol but I love the versatility of the spear, definitely my go-to!
Varatha: Aspect of Zagreus
I only realized you could upgrade your weapon after run 17ish. Now I feel like I can answer this question.
Claws of Enkidu: Aspect of Gilgamesh
im nothing if not an agent of chaos ;)
Aegis: Aspect of Chaos
Speed demon punching was always my most successful strat, and this aspect with a bonus maim on the special was the best.
Claws of Enkidu: Aspect of Gilgamesh
Doing my best Legolas impression all day
Coronacht: Aspect of Hera
Definitely not just picking this because it’s a cool looking sword…. 😂
Excalibur: Aspect of Arthur
Usually not one for slow and heavy-hitting, but if you spec this sword right it becomes just BEEFY. Very satisfying!!
Excalibur: Aspect of Arthur
This plus boons from Athena are my favorite way to play the game.
Aegis: Aspect of Zeus
When you first get the twin fists, needing to fight up close and personal doesn't seem like the ideal pay style. Once I unlocked the Claws of Enkidu, though, they became my go to weapon for winning runs.
Claws of Enkidu: Aspect of Gilgamesh