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1 Week Review: GOWR week in, is the new God of War everything you thought it would be? Do we have a late game of year entry? Or has it underwhelmed you?

Solid game that is better than the 2018 version. It's like the improved every aspect of the game from the audio, controls, UI and of course the graphics and story.
I got GOW 2018 based on my brother’s recommendation but it’s still in my backlog. And so as amazing as Ragnarok looks, it will be a while before I can get to it.
I asked him for his thoughts on Ragnarok though (he’s played 32 hours already!), so I’ll post his thoughts in the comments.
Barely into the game because I started tonight. Gonna be my new free time eater.
I'm still catching up on the last one 🤣 I can't wait to get after it tho!
#WaitingForPCReleaseGang. Game looks amazing.
Only about an hour in, but the game is as good as I expected. Awesome cutscenes, Good graphics (PS4) and lots of fun! The story picks up at a good spot, although you may be lost if you hadn’t played GoW.
It's as good and action packed and amazing and brutal and captivating and beautiful and perfect in every way. I'm overwhelmed with how good it keeps getting.
Honestly I haven't even played this game yet and I know it's gonna be my favorite game this console generation
Visuals ✅️
Puzzles ✅️ ( would like more time to solve them b4 I get a tip
Story ✅️
Gameplay ✅️✅️

You can button mash through the game but your missing out imo. The weapons and variations of combos open up a world of combat that is just awesome.