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What is the most distance (in km) you can travel in a single match?

After completing a match, go to match stats (X on most systems) to see Distance Traveled in km. Take a screenshot or photo with your phone, and upload it with your response. All participants get 333 xp.

Just now starting this challenge, but I'll be able to post something much further soon.
Alright my final distance. Here's 2 minutes of me riding a shark. Could've been more but I panicked and SD'd. Hey @joel.
18! I did it! I'm sorry @elrey.

Also, this is beatable. 19 is possible. Maybe even 20. I only got 3rd.
Attempted on the Switch. I’m shocked .. only 9km?! I stayed moving around the map the whole match!
First off, what a fun challenge. I saw some people doing this and thought I could knock off 10-12 KM easily. Wow, this was tough. I took a boat around the map then spent most of the game in the slip stream. I finished my trip off on a wolf. I may try this again.
Well, @dadalorian has me beat. I thought I at least tied him. I know I would have, if the storm would have cooperated for just a little longer. 2% accuracy because all my shots were at trees...
Bumbled into 2 crown VRs trying this quest. First game got 8km and got 14km in this one. Since I made a beeline for a vehicle I pulled this win off only equipped with a Port a Fort and purple Striker Pump.