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It should have worked

Today is the anniversary of the release of Google Stadia. In memory of this soon to be shuttered service, what is the thing in gaming that you thought was going to work but just didn't catch on? Get a picture or video to go with your answer.

It wasn't a complete flop but it was certainly the end of Segas consoles. It was/is a really good system for the time.
I thought this had much greater potential, but sadly the amount of games was far lower than I expected.
The N64 expansion games on the switch. The button layout it terrible and most games are difficult to play.
Posting for meme lol
Mario Strikers Supercharged... so much potential wasted. It's the hope that kills u, every now and then I see it on the game menu and wonder what if... maybe 1 day, but I know not to hold my breath
Nintendo Labo - I have all the kits and had a lot of fun putting them together with the kids, but the games got stale really quickly. I think more could have been done with the platform. More kits, more games they’re compatible with, even if it just adds on an extra hour of gameplay to a game.
Look being in the cockpit of an X-Wing is extremely awesome, but until VR is just a pair of glasses you put on, it's too much of a pain. Nobody got time to be rearranging the whole living room for some game time.
Guess it’s time to open the wound again. You could’ve remastered Strikers from the Wii and it would’ve be exponentially better than what we got. The formula for success was already there. All they needed to do was add on to it. Instead, they ripped the heart of the game out and gave us pile of crap.
Sega CD. My HS classmate invested heavily in this. My HS class had a raging Nintendo vs Sega debate and the Sega CD tipped things towards the Saga side, for a while). I remember they had Ecco the dolphin and Night Trap. Night Trap was an odd game, the FMV was revolutionary for a console.
Do I have this and have I played it? Yes.

Will I play it again? Probably not.

Someday video games will successfully force me to exercise, but today is not that day.
This absolute beauty of a system. My cousin had one and it was the best thing since sliced bread. You just had to push pass the nausea, terrible games, and the neck pain from the awkward position it put your head in. BUT, it was VR!!
Half the fun was trying not to puke
This would've been sooooo good had they took their time instead of rushing it out!
Saw this and thought that Epic and Apple would work it out but when one of the cases was that apple was complaining that perky didn’t have any clothes I knew they were gonna do everything to not let it back on their store
The Atari Jaguar… possibly one of the best systems made in its era. Yet with the difficulty of programming for it, meaning lack of support, it was a huge flop. I think it could have led the pack and boosted Atari to the top.
I really thought Apple and Epic would’ve worked it out by now. We’re headed into Chapter 4 & Fortnite on my phone is stuck in Chapter 2, season 4.
Just look at this beauty! Bring. It. Back.
I mean I am generally disinterested in soccer to begin with, but this was a miss for more than just me. I can't even describe it. Something about it just whiffed.
Mobile phone games.

I say this as I am currently hooked on @marvelsnap

I think that there are opportunities for great campaigns like PlayStation creates, but most games feel like I’m farming, doing puzzles or at the casino. They all seem to push the pay to win or not be annoyed by ads.
PlayStation VR was good concept but being tethered down to a million disconnects was a bummer and there isn’t many good games. The safety wall doesn’t really help/work. Read that PSVR 2 will be $550! Oculus owns the VR world. To bad it’s owned by that stupid social media company now.
I so wanted the Dreamcast to succeed. Sega had a proven track record and this system did have unique features that Sony and Nintendo didn't provide...yet it proved to be the nail in the coffin for Sega and their consoles.