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IRL: Fortnite

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Inspired by @joel gas station clip. Reenact or create an IRL scene from Fortnite.

Fishing quest. I was full health, so I threw it back
This happens to be all the time no matter how I try to angle myself
Gotta get mats when you are playing in builds. Just make sure to keep an eye out.
At the science center with the kids and they have an area where you can build forts. Can you build forts in fortnite?
Emoting in the lobby waiting to ready up.

Let's go out and get a Fortnite!
This was really fun. I think this is what Fortnite is?
Thought I would post my current skin
Current Fortnite skin
Hiding in trash is a good strategy. Lightsabers were OP.
Fortnite IRL: shielding up. My dog is lookin at me crazy but I have to drink big pots this way so I don’t get sniped.
I tried saving my teammate, but ended up getting caught.