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Music choices

Do you listen to music while gaming or are you just going with the sounds of the game?

My music taste is all over the place. I go from Trans Siberian Orchestra to Gwar and even Ivan The Terrible but very big with 80's hair bands and the old 8 bit game tracks.
Rap or Classic Rock or would it be considered Ancient Rock now? Asking for a friend.
Sounds of the game 9 times out of 10. Pretty rare VERY casual gaming session to be playing other music in the background.
Hardcore, Country, Classic Rock. Others that I enjoy here and there. I like most music with good Drums.
I listen to speed metal like DragonForce while playing Smash Bros competitively. Its gets the heart pumping heat into the hands.

Otherwise, always listen to the beautiful soundtracks these video games provide.
I use the soundtrack of the game to appreciate the 50-100 people that worked on it and also thay did a great job.
No music. Tried playing with some music today cuz I didn’t want to knock it before trying it. Just as disappointed as @jedijohann is with everyone now.
Nah, unless it's absolute trash audio, I'm going with the sounds of the game. If the game audio sucks (which means it's probably some free phone game that I've downloaded for the weekend), then I'm probably just playing sound off with ambient noise as I mindlessly tap, haha
Usually only when I’m streaming unless a game has a good soundtrack like Stardew Vallley
Occasionally I will flip on some music and engage enemy forces “Iron Eagle” style. It helps me get into the zone.

(Note: I no longer use cassette tapes. I am all compact discs now)
Sound of the game, can’t play without it!
I'm always with the sound track. But when I'm editing I will listen to a punk rock mix list on Spotify
Crank that playlist up to 11 and blast away baby! Brownie points if you share a playlist in discord with the squad! Keep adding amps to the setup to push it to 12!
Sounds of the game if it is a console game, otherwise I get distracted. If it's a phone game, silence or whatever I'm listening to that week in Amazon Music.
Typically with the sounds of the game. I might have music playing in the background, but its not over the game or anything.
Sounds of the game. Games with good background music makes the game more enjoyable, plus I need to hear the game while I'm playing it. Listening to music would be distracting for me.
Only when I play tetris 99 and then it's whatever I'm in the mood for. I've found that many times the in game audio really helps with immersing myself in the game.
I would say it’s about 50/50 listening to music while gaming. If it’s getting ultra competitive then I’ll use the sounds of the game.
99% of the time the sound of the game. Maybe I listen to other music during a puzzle type game.
The games I play, specifically Rocket League and Warzone, I rely heavily on audio cues, so I just go with the in game sounds.
Both? Some games have really repetitive music, or you just play so much you don't need to hear it anymore and then Spotify fills the void nicely.
Sounds of the game. It is cool that American Truck Simulator has an in-game radio (Big Rig FM all day long!).
The sounds of the game without a doubt. It's part of the gaming experience for me.
Depends on the game. Something narrative or if I'm playing a campaign, no. But if I'm farming or doing something repetitive, then I'll listen to a podcast.
Sounds of the game! Always enjoy the in game audio and music to get the full experience.
I always listen to the game music, it’s part of the experience. Some game soundtracks are so good I listen to them while I’m doing other things (like Undertale, FF Tactics, Chrono Trigger). The only time I don’t listen to the game music is when I’m repeating a part of a game I’ve done multiple times
Never listen to anything except the actual game. What kind of monsters do this???
if I'm "listening" to anything while gaming, it's whatever the wife is watching or the games music. Otherwise I don't listen to music bc some games I need to hear the tiniest of details (like foot steps), some games I need to hyper focus on.
If I am being a filthy try hard I go with in game music sound. If I am playing a FPS/Fighting casually then I listen to music.
Most kind of games I play you have to be engrossed with every aspect of the game. Music in the background just takes away from the game. There are some genre of games that having background music isn't a bad thing.
I cant listen to music while gaming. I get so zoned into games like Halo and COD where I need to hear every tiny bit of detail within the game. Rocket league I can just listen to that soundtrack
Oddly specific response incoming. I like Final Fantasy Soundtracks but I remember grinding IX and X to gain levels while rotating in a 5 disc boombox Weezer's Blue, Green, and Pinkerton as well as The Wallflowers' Bringing Down the Horse and Breach. I find myself grinding Fortnite now the same way.
Generally go with the sound of the game. But if the soundtrack is bad or I’m in a mood, I’ll turn on some NuMetal. Korn tops the list for sure.
Depends on the game or how immersive I want the experience to be. If it’s a story-driven, cinematic game, you better believe there’s not another sound in the house. Which is probably why I don’t game as much these days. 😭
I usually have some lofi phonk music going during my streams, if I'm not streaming I don't play music when I'm gaming
Usually have a playlist of rap and hip hop playing in the background when I’m playing fortnite!
Nope, it’s distracting to me. Plus I don’t wanna get DMCAd while streaming.
When I was younger I used to listen to music while gaming but now I just listen to the game audio.
I need game sounds to play, that includes the game music. The only exception is rocket league. I turn down the in game music and just throw on any spotify playlist.
I usually have a playlist running in the background.
These answers are all so interesting already! Makes me feel I need to listen to the game audio more. I listen to music allllll the time. Including while gaming. And sometimes, I'll even watch a TV show while gaming. So I usually don't have game audio on at all.
I have to go with the sounds of the game! The developers picked that music for a reason, and I’d be doing myself a disservice by listening to outside music.
I agree with @jedijohann - takes away from the gaming experience.

The exception is sports titles. I listen to my own music or no music.
Normally game soundtrack but for Mario Kart I do have a MK playlist of Spotify 😎. Shut up a Drive 🎶
Here is the list of scenarios for music or not:
Solo Campaign: ❌
Multiplayer while chatting: ❌
Streaming a game: ❌
A game I don’t know well: ❌
A game I know well playing by myself and nerves are getting to me: ✅

Every The Dad Gaming Mario Kart A or B finals, I have music playing.
Usually in game soundtrack is my go to for games that require constant comms. If I’m playing by myself and chilling Lo-Fi is probably playing in the background at the house
From Masterpieces like Gerudo Valley to catchy little ditties like Fall Guys, I listen to the games soundtrack
Fall guys music is just so good but fortnite music is good until you’re not a solo. If it’s in in the lobby or in a car with a teammate or more it gets real annoying
I listen to music while doing just about anything, but not gaming. Why would you do that? You risk the meter or the mood not matching and that would take away from the gaming experience.
Depends. I actually will mostly turn on a show I’ve seen a million times for background noise. However, I’ll listen to musical soundtracks when I’m playing my relaxing games like ACNH and DDLV
Depends on the game. If it's something like RL or Fall Guys, and I'm not streaming, then I typically put on Surus XM's Bon Jovi station