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1 Week review: COD MW2

After one week, what are your thoughts on MW2? Did you order it, are you planning on getting it? How's the story? Are you enjoying the multiplayer? Don't forget to go and rate the game as well.

I got this in the first week and loved it one of the best COD games ever
Really fun but to me it was very glitchy at first since I started campaign first and on the 57th mission I died after getting the gun I needed and once I tied again I couldn’t get the gun so I thought it was very buggy
love the nostalgia they brought back. not a fan of the unlocking of attachments. overall good playability. its been able to take me away from rocket league
I lost interest in the franchise after Black Ops 2, primarily because my friends and I prefer Halo over CoD for our Xbox parties.
The campaigns are OK, but not worth full price. And online with strangers who play CoD non-stop has zero appeal for someone who’s only a decent player.
Zero interest from me for better or for worse. A rough community as a whole.
I think its fun. I die alot. But it's fun for sure. First one I've played in a few years for entertainment and not work.
I’ve really started liking this game more and more I play it. The maps are still meh, but knowing the maps and being at a level to use all perks does make the game feel much better.

Weapon progression system is still a big swing and a miss and should never be used again
From what I've seen, it plays like the rest. A lot of bugs in the beginning, patches coming, still sweaty, pretty solid changes to the game but at the end of the day, it's still Call of Duty which left me after Black Ops 2. Don't play on buying bc I can't see this pulling me away from Fortnite.
Just downloaded it last night when I got my PS5. Really fun so far, but the campaign missions seem super short, like vignettes almost rather than fully fleshed out missions.

Pros: Gorgeous game, controls great, fun to play.

Cons: Four-hour download to play :(
It's a decent game that is more fun because of the friends I game with nightly. It randomly crashes, the running feels noticeably slower and the weapon progression system became more tedious. The exclusion of Hardcore mode at launch is pretty frustrating. Hoping for some OG MW2 maps later on. 6/10
I am liking it so far and I thought the campaign was a lot of fun and brought back Call of Duty 4 vibes. The multi has been fresh with a new way to unlock attachments that can be frustrating but does force you to play the game with other weapon. I would suggest it if you likes Modern Warfare in 2019
I like COD, but have only played one of them. From reviews, this one seems similar to others and takes away some of the more advanced play mechanics to give a new player an easier experience. I don't think I'll buy it, but it does seem like a good game to jump back into the series.
Wasn’t there already a Modern Warfare 2 that came out in 2009? So is this Modern Warfare Two 2? @ohtwotwo? Two Jr? I’ve never really been a Cod fan anyway, I’m more of a salmon guy. I probably won’t get this.
Still haven’t purchased but I’ve caught a few streams! Gameplay looks good but still just another COD game.
The gameplay is super fun. It's different than the previous few titles. Maps are different so it's taking time to get used to. The changes made me bad at the game. The User Interface/Menu System is ATROCIOUS and there are times I play something because I don't feel like dealing with the UI/Menus.
I'm not sure I'm gonna get this game, I've heard nothing but grumbles from people I know who play it. I feel like they rush to pump out new cod/battlefield games every year so they are kinda rinse and repeat at this point.
My review is based solely on the box art:
Miguel seems to be taking the death of Mama Coco poorly and looks to be out for revenge against the Mariachi Band that played louder than her old heart could take.
Maybe I will pick up Coco of Death: Miguel’s War 2…