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Best loadout of all time?

If you get an amazing loadout, snap a pic and post it here.

Just played today and my favorite kid out has changed.
Nimbus Cloud
Dekus Smash
Tactical AR
Combat shotgun
And I had it in my game I won this morning
Heavy shotgun
Shockwave bow
Assault rifle
Tac pistol
Chug splash

Bow specialist
Pistol Amp
Tactical armory
I like what I like.

Maven shotgun
Tactical AR
Shockwave hammer
And the chugs

Soaring sprints
Tactical armoury
Peely’s treasure
I only started playing last season, so my options are limited...

Explosive Bow
Shockwave Bow
Cobra DMR
Tactical AR
Shockwave Hammer

Mechanical Archer
Bow Specialist
Tactical Armoury
Party Time!
With party time:
Thunder shotgun
Long range shotty, Tac AR, a sniper, and a grenade launcher with heals
For C3 S4 my favorite loadout is. NOTE: this is for zero build mostly

-Cobra DMR
-Ranger Shotgun (Prime if neccesary)
-Suppressed SMG (Rapid fire if neccesary)
-Chrome Splash (or shockwaves)
-Minis or med mist (chugs work aswell)
OG gold pump
Rapid Fire SMG
Dragon Ball Cloud
Chug Spashed

Drum shotty
Combat Smg
Thermal scoped rifle
Chug splashes
Maybe another drum shotgun to save on reload time
Obviously the best loadout involves Vegeta with both the Kamehameha and the stormtrooper laser gun. THIS IS FORTNITE!
All gold: (chapter one) Scar, Pump, Bolt Action Sniper, Minis, Big Pot
It was back in season one

All Gold: Pump, drum gun, scar, and sniper
I posted a pretty great one last week, but I think I may like this one even better.